Martine was a doll sold in France  in the eighties ( I don't know exactly when she began to be made).
It is a Made in Hong Kong doll made in cheap plastic with a vinyl head.
A collector told me once that we can still find them for cheap in some flea markets.
I found this used one there and I found my other new in package.
Usually their original swimsuit is red or blue. This one was made by me. Hat belongs to the Tressy Millinery Shoppe.
I had two blond haired Martine when I was a child.
None of them survived. I guess I still have their bald heads somewhere...
My favourite one was  my platinum Martine.

Even if they are low quality dolls, I like them.
They have beautiful eyes, and the plastic body has some funny colors sometimes.
The one I had when I was a child had a almost translucent orange body.

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