Welcome on this new blog introducing a part of my collection of vintage fashion dolls.
Here you'll find photos of my Tressy dolls, but also Petra, unidentified dolls, barbie clones, and more.
 I hope you will appreciate to watch photos of my collection and spend a good time here.

Who am I ?
People call me Angel,it is shorter.

I create many things for my dolls. I have new ideas of creations everyday.
I paint , sew, sculpt and craft like a crazy each time I find free time to.
I draw like a child but I succeed to make quite nice things when I need to make a pattern or imagine a new outfit. But as I consider myself as a beginner in sewing, I'm very slow...
I also feel easily discouraged...
I only really began to sew two years ago.Before, I sometimes used my sewing machine to make one or two doll dresses in a whole year.
Sometimes when a project fails, I put it aside and months can pass ,I only try again later.
Thanks god, I improve everyday a little more.
I'm  also a fabric addict, I have tons of them at home...I should say  "at their home"', for dolls invaded my  appartment ,which suddendly became too little for me ...

Enjoy your visit !


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